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Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, 19428

I have been in the travel business since 1974. I started by selling packages to other Travel Agencies for Tour operators Lotus Tours and Club Getaway. In 1979 I decided that it was time to put my knowledge to good use. I opened Andorra Travel on April 1, 1979. I started with one office and then in 1999 I opened a second office. I had developed a following of over 500 clients. Over the years I gained a world of knowledge of different locations as well as how to give the client the best prices without sacrificing service. It has always been my motto that the client comes first. When the airlines decided to cut all compensation to travel agencies, I decided that I would never charge a fee for any service other than airline only tickets. In 2014 I decided to close both of my brick and mortar agencies and open a virtual agency. By virtual I mean not having any brick and mortar locations but instead moved my business to my home, still keeping the high level of service that I have had since 1979. Without the overhead of a storefront, I have been able to offer my clients the best of service without having to charge a fee for my services. I am now a member of Nest which is a network of in-home travel agencies. I have earned the distinction of being a Nest Elite member as well as a member of their Affluent Traveler division. These two enable me to offer a variety of different types of trips from the most exclusive to the to the fast less expensive getaways. I have given my client’s my undivided attention since the beginning even going so far as to give each my cell number to call me at any time for any reason. Over the years I have taken hundreds of courses to hone my skills as a travel agent. I have also joined Wedding Wire and have the knowledge to do great destination weddings with the expert knowledge needed to make every wedding a seamless endeavor.